Crypto Fund / Fund of Funds / Venture Capital Solution

1Token software Fund / FoF / MoM solution manages full functions (trading, portfolio, risk, report, and clearing & settlement), covering full assets (spot / derivatives, crypto & securities) , full counterparties (crypto exchanges, OTC…)
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Crypto Fund / Fund of Funds / Venture Capital Solution
* 1Token system supports managed account model (most often used by FoF/MoM, and also direct investment to external fund

Full assets

- Crypto spot & derivatives

- Fiat currency

- DeFi

- Traditional securities

- Mining hashrate / staking

- Collateral loan

Full venues

- Custody

- Fiat currency

- OTC Desk

- Bank

- DeFi wallet

- Traditional Security Broker / FCM

Full functions

- Professional OEMS

- Clearing and settlement

- Real-time PMS and RMS

- Compliance reporting

- Convenient asset transfer

- Accounting

Full assets / Full venues / Full functions
Functional Modules
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