Portfolio Management System

1Token portfolio management system (PMS) analyzes real-time balances/ positions, order/ transaction across multiple venues in CeFi and DeFi, and generates PnL, Greeks, scenario analysis and various metrics into data tables and charts, for trading managers to review transactions.
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Omni-Asset and Venues

1Token keeps up-to-date integration to major crypto trading venues that covers complete instruments and transaction types.
Exchanges and OTC
Custody and Banks
Market Data Aggregators
DeFi Chains and Protocols

Portfolio Overview

1Token groups accounts and address into portfolios, and further grouping of portfolio as main-sub structure.
Clients can check real-time and historical asset and position in account, sub-portfolio and main portfolio hierarchies, in pivot table and graphs.

NAV and PnL Accounting

1Token automates calculation of assets, liabilities and fund shares, to enable fund managers to report T+0 shadow NAV.
For reconciliation with fund admin, 1Token provides fund valuation report with PnL breakdown into realized and unrealized PnL calculated by FIFO/LIFO/WAC method.
For asset managers who manage a basket of coins, 1Token supports mixed denomination accounting.

Performance Analysis

Need more insights into performance than just NAV?
Based on the full transaction history, 1Token provides post-trade analysis, that includes
Basic analysis, e.g., trading volume, funding fee
Performance indicators, e.g., Sharpe Ratio, XIRR, TWR
Advanced analysis, e.g., PnL attribution, performance comparison with benchmark trend (e.g., BTC price)

Tag Analysis

Trading multiple strategies in the same set of exchange accounts, or need to make trading pair analysis under certain rules?
1Token provides tag analysis to generate virtual sub-accounts based on transactions, which can be automatically linked with OEMS like Talos or CoinRoutes.
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Collateral Management System
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