Sales and Trading

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For sales and trading desks that offer spot, derivatives or loan products in agency trading or principal trading model.
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Tailored to Sales and Trading needs
OTC liquidity providers, fiat on/off-ramp gateway, financial service providers.
Tailor Made for Digital Asset Lenders
1Token is a crypto-native tech firm, that understands deeply how digital asset market and crypto financial service works.
The solution is tailor made to crypto market participants, with technical integration to all the counterparties, accounting rules that fits digital asset firms and.
Besides loans, full suite of crypto financial services can be managed in 1Token system, including OTC Spot / derivatives with crypto or FX, DMA prime brokerage, and yield products.
Multiple Users and Roles
1Token aims to meet all demands from front-desk traders, middle-back office function risk control and operations, and back-office function for finance and accounting.
Different users can be set as different access based on their role, and create customized views on their preference.
Security and Compliance
1Token insists institutional grade security and compliance.
1Token runs penetration test with 3rd party regularly to ensure institutional security level, and under audit for SOC2 compliance.
1Token provides both SaaS and on-premise deployment.
Automatic client statements with customizable template.
Client profiles with balance, positions, transactions...
Income and cost statistics for financial accounting.
Data import and export for seamless integration with 3rd party systems.
Risk Management
Credit limit setting by counterparty and cross margin calculation across multiple financial services.
7*24 live collateral valuation across multiple digital asset types for each single counterparty.
Unhedged exposure monitor for principal trading or agency trading mode.
Instant margin call to client via multiple channels and signal for forced liquidation available from 1Token API.
Multiple Departments
Multiple department structure to reflect multiple desks in the financial service provider company.
Multiple users with role-based access and operation permissions that specifies to each department.
Intra-company and inter-department trade booking and transfer pricing to reflect internal business relationship.
Balance sheet and performance view of the whole company and each single department.
Transform Your Treasury Management
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