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For crypto fund admins and auditors to operate crypto fund business with max efficiency and scalability.
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Tailored to Crypto fund admin and auditors needs
1Token is the Institutional grade tool for fund services digital asset practice.
Complete Venue and Asset Coverage
1Token keeps up-to-date integration to major crypto trading venues that covers complete instruments and transaction types.
Venue integration includes CeFi exchanges, OTC brokers, custody and OEMS, and DeFi EVM and non-EVM chains and protocols. (see integration list)
Asset coverage includes spot, perps, futures, options and earn products on CeFi, and DeFi yield farming activities like staking, AMM, borrow, lending and derivatives.
To support hundreds or even over 1,000 CeFi accounts and DeFi addresses that generates millions transactions per day, 1Token implemented IP routing mechanism and storage optimization, that enables clients to see real-time updates, store complete and accurate history for high frequency trading without any missing trades or violation of exchange limits.
Security and Compliance
1Token insists institutional grade security and compliance.
1Token runs penetration test with 3rd party regularly to ensure institutional security level, and under audit for SOC2 compliance.
1Token provides both SaaS and on-premise deployment.
Robust Data Engine
Normalized real-time asset, position transaction history across CeFi and DeFi venues.
Battle-tested robustness during several times of drastic market conditions.
Robust and efficient system to support over 1,000 exchange accounts and millions of trades per day.
Reconciled transaction history and reconciliation report generation.
Portfolio Management
Grouping of accounts and address into portfolios, and further grouping of portfolio as main-sub structure.
Real-time asset and position in account and portfolio hierarchies, presented as pivot table and graphs.
Advanced analysis of position PnL, cost basis and PnL attribution with FIFO/LIFO/WAC method, in both portfolio level and account level.
Battle-tested robustness during several times of drastic market conditions.
3rd party Integration
Standard upload template and hands-on training to rebuild history from various sources of data.
Sub-ledger load file export and import into 3rd party systems like Geneva and Paxus.
Onboard support and training on data importing and history rebuilding.
API for 3rd party programs to interact with 1Token system.
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