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1Token provides a 3rd Party solution for crypto fund admin / accounting firms to launch crypto-asset related services, including crypto-related trade reconciliation and reporting. 1Token assists fund admin / accounting firms to expand and boost their business in crypto hedge fund administration service, especially for high - frequency trading.
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3rd Party Solution

Full assets

- Crypto spot, futures, options

- Fiat currency

- Fixed / Variable income products


- POW / POS mining

- Staking / Yield farming


- Traditional assets (e.g. stocks / FX / ETF)

- Collateral loan

Full venues

- 50+ Centralized Exchanges

- 100+ DeFi protocols

- 20+ Blockchain

- Custody

- Fiat currency

- OTC Desk

- Bank

- DeFi wallet

- Traditional Security Broker / FCM

All types of fund structures

- Structured fund

- Single denominator

- Fund with external loan

- Mixed denominator

Trade reconciliation and audit trail

- Regular snapshot of balance / equity and position

- Bottom-up transaction details

Easy reporting

- Customizable reporting formats exported in CSV

- Integration with internal systems or ERP system

Full assets / Full venues / All fund structures
Functional Modules
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